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Roulette betting strategies explained

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When you’re playing roulette online it’s certainly a lot of fun, but strategizing can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing – there’s just so much out there and so many options when it comes to choosing which playing strategy is right for you, but ultimately you are the gamer and you get to decide.

Strategies aren’t always the easiest thing to understand, but with a bit of know-how and practical application to the knowledge, it’s easy enough to get your head around and play roulette with success from applying certain particular strategies as you go along.

A game played prevalent in chance, here we are going to talk about the strategies used when considering playing roulette and how you can go about implementing roulette strategies when playing the game yourself.

How to play with roulette strategies

One of the more best-loved strategies is one that’s known as the ‘Bond’ system in roulette. It’s a manoeuvre which covers two thirds of the roulette table, including the zero.

There’s no particular exacting roulette strategy to speak of that will significantly increase your chance of winning a roulette game, but there is many tips that you can use which will increase your chances of winning an overall game. It’s worth noting all strategies will also have a ‘reverse’ version, which is the strategy working also if done in the reverse way which further backs this point.

So, if we focus on the particular tips and hints that you can use to increase your chances of winning and enhancing any roulette strategies you do decide to go with, the following points will come in handy.

Summary of tips and rules to enhance roulette strategies

It might seem obvious, but the amount of players who don’t abide by this rule can be pretty astounding. Firstly, it’s a good idea to play online roulette only from casinos that are reputable and above-board in the industry. This is the only way to ensure you are playing for real and not being scammed, it doesn’t happen often, but it can, so why take the risk?

There’s so many different variations of roulette but those which provide the best odds are the European and French roulette options. With just one zero unlike some variations, the French roulette pays back half of any outside bets lost, so that gives the best odds from the lot.

Another very obvious point that does often go unnoticed is that it is worth fully learning how to play roulette and by using roulette strategies before you risk any of your money in a game. You wouldn’t go and live in a foreign country without first learning the language of that country in order to ease yourself into knowing your way around everything, and the same goes with learning how to play roulette successfully. It’s a highly rewarding game once you learn how to do so, and once you know the correct and best strategies to put into place.

There’s also another highly successful strategy which is known as the Martingale, which is basically a way to cover you throughout the course of playing roulette. You begin with an even amount, we recommend a small amount, of money placed on red, black, even or odd.

If you win, bet the same as you go on – on even money bets until a spin is lost. When that happens, double your bet so as to cover your losses. And then, when you go again and win the bet, you get to make your money back as well as a small profit.

Nothing about roulette is a get-rich-quick scam, but it’s a fun game worth playing, and there’s no harm in trying to enhance your chances of winning fair and square. 


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