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Save your money and get discounts with a VPN

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Are you an avid online shopper and are you always asking yourself, how to save money shopping online? You probably know that using a VPN can help you save money online while shopping for different things like plane tickets, makeup, and hotel rooms. Its not only location that plays a part in the prices that websites display for you but also your browsing habits that affect the deals and prices that are visible for you.

Websites track your browsing habits and location via the following methods:

Your cookies

Cookies collect and store information about your browsing. Some cookies can be used in order to monitor your behaviour on various sites. Basically, your browser history can be traced and connected when you searched on a number of different websites and used the same advertisement or tracking networks. In addition, so-called supercookies are used to capture and keep a wide range of data even after the cookie has been removed.

IP address

It helps the websites detect and show prices based only on your geo-location. Read more on IP address and what you’re talking about here.


You can track your location using your WiFi on websites if you grant your permission.

Tracking of mobile devices

The businesses will also be helping to detect your location using your mobile device (such as your phone or tablet with GPS enabled).

Using a VPN can help you save hundreds when it comes to shopping for your favorite items. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the different ways of buying cheap things online:

  1. Buy Cheaper Air Tickets

Using a VPN is necessary when you use Public Wi-Fi and also when you are sharing crucial information like your credit card details and banking information. Having a good VPN will ensure that your connection is secure and hackers can’t access your information. So how can you save money with a VPN when buying tickets? Well, airlines charge you based on the location from where you are buying tickets. You can try it out for yourself and see if there is any price difference when you change your location.

  1. Buy Games Online

All gaming is online now and that means you can easily buy games online. But games aren’t exactly cheap and their pricing also depends on the location of purchase. To unblock the games, use a good VPN like VeePN. This will allow you to connect to a local server of another country and get better pricing for your favorite games. You can go for a trial of the app and see benefits for yourself before comiting to a paid version.

A tip for the wise – games in developed companies are much pricier than ones in developing countries like India and Maldives.

  1. Netflix and Streaming Services

A lot of streaming services like Netflix block a wide range of content for non-US residents and charge extra for unlocking these benefits. Using a good VPN can allow you access to these movies and shows on unblocked Netflix without costing you the extra money in the process. You can also unblock other movie streaming services with VPN.

  1. Get Access to Time-restricted Content

VPNs can help you access certain content that is time-restricted and can be taken off live streaming when the airing time is over. Such as the olympics or certain tournaments around the world that might not be accessible to the audience across all countries. When you have a VPN, you can get timely and unlimited access to such sports streamings.

  1. Book Hotels and Cars

Just as airlines operate, the cost of hotels and vehicle hire companies change according to the public. In instance, rental cars are subject to various municipal taxes and supplements as well as their insurance premium at their place. This means they can change considerably, but many fluctuations have been caused by dynamic pricing schemes.

A VPN can allow you to access the local server and see if the pricing changes based on the city or country you are choosing to browse from. This is how you can save money shopping online when you use a good VPN.

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