20 abril 2024
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Cheats for Apex Legends

Since the start of Apex Legends in February, cheaters have been attacking King’s Canyon relentlessly.

 It’s become such a serious problem that Respawn has taken on cheaters in earnest and has already issued several waves of HWID (Hardware ID) bans to any cheaters who are discovered.

And while this seriously mitigates the problem – it by no means fully protects against all people who want to play against the rules and use cheats. 

No one disagrees with Respawn Entertainment’s serious efforts to stop cheaters. Installing Anti-Cheat in the game and banning the equipment of identified cheaters are just some of the attempts to rectify the existing situation.

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And although all of these serious measures have indeed seriously reduced the number of cheaters in the game, however, such measures are simply unable to completely eliminate the problem of cheating in the game. 

What are Apex Legends cheats?

The search for cheats did not take long.

The first site from the search offers us to download cheats for all tastes and colors. Some of them are even free. Incredible generosity.AIM bot – the most popular and most hated by players cheat. Allows you to automatically aim at the enemy, killing him immediately in the head. 

Some varieties of advanced «aimbot» allow you to flexibly configure it so that the bullets fly not in the head, but another part of the body of your choice.

Alsoadjustable speed and area of operation of the hunt, which allows cheaters long enough to hide the use of cheats.

There are also cheats that disable weapon recoil, cheats that allow you to see enemies through obstacles, cheats to farm legendary tokens, experience, and account pumping. At the first sight, we found about ten different cheats. Access to them is for a fee – forever for a one-time fee, or a day if the cheater decides to try out the hack first. 

Features cheats in Apex Legends

AIM-bot (aka AIM). Automatically directs the crosshairs at the enemy’s head or body (depends on the selected settings, Bloodhunt hacks, cheats, Aimbots and more are also common).

-Wallhack (ESP). A complex of hacks for tracking your opponent’s location and health.

No other stuff is provided, but it’s enough for bending.

Easy anti-cheat in Apex legends

How does this anti-cheat work? The program scans the Origin account for the presence of any cheats. If a player tries to sign in to Origin and he will run one of the cheats – Origin will block his access. However, not everything is smooth on our home soil. Some clever people know how to work anti-cheat. They just manage to hide the use of cheats and thus bypass the protection. However, it should be noted that this dexterity can not pass with every cheat, or rather to say – some programs allow you to do this.


Apex Legends is currently very popular, which is why there are so many cheaters who want to try out new features in their favorite game and here you can find cheats for this game.

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